Supply chain

A process-based approach to the supply chain and continuous monitoring of the market and suppliers contribute to lowering costs and improving the quality of services. Close cooperation with customers and suppliers makes the supply, production and distribution process smooth and efficient.


In order to achieve the best possible results, it is necessary to develop a close and lasting partnership with suppliers. We choose only those companies whose policy is consistent with ours. From our suppliers, we expect commitment, a professional attitude and a positive approach, and we give them the same in exchange. Before starting a long-term partnership, it is necessary to conclude an agreement regulating the terms and conditions of the working relationship. Each supplier is verified in terms of the quality of the services they offer, and in terms of support. We try to get to know our partner companies as well as possible, and we always treat them with due respect. Thanks to our information workflow schemes, we are able to respond quickly to all new demands. Long-term collaboration allows us to build efficient relations, which result in guaranteed quality, timeliness, and attractive negotiated prices for resources and materials.


We have a modern warehousing system which allows us to continually monitor our inventory from anywhere in the world. Our system allows for accurate identification of the location of goods, and the tracking of stock turnover. The system monitors the quantity of each type of good and is able to specify the date of acceptance and release. On our warehouse we have a system of constant humidity and temperature control, as well as 24/7 (round –the-clock) security and monitoring.


We know the importance of timely and quick deliveries of ordered goods, and for this reason we try to be flexible and also offer our Customers express deliveries to anywhere in the world. Thanks to working with several shipping companies, we offer different services depending on where and how quickly a shipment is to be delivered. We monitor the carriers’ rates in order to offer the most advantageous solutions at optimum prices. This applies not only to single parcels or multi-packs, but also to express palletised shipments. We provide comprehensive services when it comes to transport by road, air or sea.  

Customs handling

Our company holistically deals with all formalities necessary for the shipment of goods.


We offer:

  • comprehensive processing of customs declarations for all procedures,
  • a wide range of simplified procedures,
  • comprehensive support for INTRASTAT intra-Community trade,
  • the possibility of using security for customs and tax dues,
  • a temporary storage facility and an agreed location,
  • automated customs clearance under the Common Transit Procedure,
  • modern IT solutions,
  • flexibility in responding to Customer needs.