Packing and manual work

We specialize in manual packing, repackaging, wrapping, folding, assembling, labeling and inserting all kinds of items. We are able to carry out both short series and high-volume orders. We thoroughly check if the products comply with the specification. Our reports on the production stages are built in such a way that they are easy to verify by you.

Packaging experts

Our team consists of highly specialized employees with extensive experience in manual work. We create brigade teams, thanks to which we achieve high efficiency as well as quality and precision of execution, even in the most complex projects. We carry out work that requires completing very complex sets. We assemble sets consisting of few to even several hundred elements, often in few colour versions and several dozen language versions. Shortly speaking – we are able to do any job that machine cannot do.

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Marking of products

Quality control of products and semi-finished products

Applying the tape

Completing promotional sets


Preparation of sampling

Folding and assembling

Labeling and inserting

Preparation for shipping

All of that in one place

When you can outsource the production of packaging, storage, transport and packaging of your products in one place, you gain a strategic competitive advantage. Why? Because this way you can lower service costs, eliminate transportation costs and bring your brand products to market faster.

As a supplier of comprehensive services in the field of packaging and packaging production, we will make sure that your sets reach customers as quickly as possible.

Years of experience

Packing and co-packing are services we have been dealing with for years. We have experience in inserting products, completing sets consisting of several dozen elements, as well as in repacking elements and labeling collective packaging.

We deal with comprehensive, safe and careful packaging of goods, within which we can apply bands or wrap individual items as well as larger sets in paper or foil. We can also put barcodes, stickers and labels on the packaging in order to help identify products.

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We control the quality
of products

As a result, only items that meet the specification will reach your customers – regardless of whether they are gifts, promotional sets or standard orders. Detailed quality control is crucial for us in all packaging processes. Our team will check each of your products and eliminate defective items.

We can advise you on packaging

Not sure how best to pack your goods? We can offer you a solution that will be tailored to your needs and budget. Well-chosen packaging can make customers more interested in your product.

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