Storage and transport

We can not only store products, but also fulfill your orders. Our process-based approach to the supply chain and continuous monitoring of the market and suppliers can help reduce costs and improve the quality of your services. . We work closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure that the procurement, production and distribution process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Customs service

Our company comprehensively deals with all formalities necessary for the shipment of goods

We offer:

comprehensive handling of customs declarations for all procedures

a wide range of simplified procedures

comprehensive service of INTRASTAT community trade

the possibility of using the security of customs and tax duties

temporary storage facility and approved site

automated check - outs under the Common Transit Procedure

modern IT solutions

flexibility in adapting the warehouse to the needs of customers

safe goods receipt and efficient cargo storage

available location, ready for implementation and distribution

free up space in your own warehouse for new products

you don't have to invest in your own storage space

complete pick and pack and order processing through our dedicated in-stock order processing system

Scheduled inventory and quality checks with reports via our inventory management system

Returns services available, including quality control, repackaging, warehousing and redistribution

no more time pressure - we can pick up, store and distribute your products according to your needs

Storage of

We have modern and safe warehouse. We can store both semi-finished products and finished goods. . In our warehouses, we have a modern system that allows you to control stock levels on an ongoing basis from anywhere in the world. The system allows you to accurately determine the location of goods and track the course of warehouse turnover. Our warehouse is equipped with a system of constant controlled humidity and temperature, as well as 24/7 protection and monitoring. We make sure that the storage process runs smoothly.


In order to achieve the best results, it is important to develop close and long-term cooperation with suppliers. We only choose companies that follow a policy consistent with ours. We expect commitment, professionalism and a positive approach from our suppliers, and we give the same in return. We check each supplier in terms of both the quality of services offered and in terms of service. We systematically conduct quality audits. Long-term cooperation allows us to build partnerships, which results in a guarantee of quality, timeliness and negotiated prices of the raw and processes materials.


We know how important it is to deliver the ordered goods quickly and on time, so we try to be flexible and we also offer our clients express shipments to any place in the world. Thanks to cooperation with several shipping companies, we offer various services depending on where and how quickly the shipment is to be delivered. We fully support international road, air and sea transports.

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