Packaging design

Our main goal is to produce modern and unique packaging design. Thanks to our experience and cooperation with talented graphic designers, we offer a wide range of solutions. We make every effort to ensure that the product packaging design is optimal in production and thus affordable. We are always looking for the most interesting and functional solutions for the customer’s products to stand out on the global market.

Design of the structure

Structural design is one of the first and most important steps in the packaging design process. Unconventional approach and cooperation with constructors from all over the world allows us to create unique projects. Our designers dealing with packaging design are also present in the production process, thanks to which they have deep knowledge in the field of technological possibilities and optimization of packaging production costs.

We specialize in:

Creating packaging structures

Designing patented packaging

Creating structures in accordance with the customers’ standards and requirements

Checking the durability of the packaging structure

Modification of the packaging structure according to the customers' guidelines

Design optimization

Checking blanking dies in terms of production possibilities

Prepress graphics

We check and prepare files for printing, taking into account the specificity of a given product and the technological capabilities of individual suppliers. We have detailed and standardized guidelines as well as production experience, which we are constantly developing. We recommend the best methods and refinements to strengthen the brand image and distinguish the product on the store shelf.

We offer, among others checking files and preparing files for printing, as well as file verification and adaptation to specific technological processes. We introduce graphic corrections and deal with the selection of refinements, preparation of graphics according to customer requirements and DTP processing of files. We perform color analysis and study the impact of colors on a person.


To illustrate our ideas to our customers, we create realistic visualizations and present the designed packaging with detailed sketches. We also make 3D visualizations. In order to offer comprehensive services to our clients, we have a fully equipped photo studio.

We work also with many professional photographers and studios both in Poland and abroad. We offer comprehensive support for work in the field of their presentation, ranging from taking photos and ending with their professional processing.

Dedicated graphics

The most original graphic is the one created especially for a given brand. We work with talented artists and graphic designers who specialize in the packaging industry and create individual projects using many techniques. We often make freehand drawings, which we turn into files for printing – this makes them unique and unconventional. They attract the attention of the target group, while creating a coherent whole with the brand image.

We make, among others freehand drawings and individual graphic designs. We design graphics for specific dies, individual refinements, we create graphic series of products, as well as prepare graphic concepts and design brandbooks of the brand.

Let’s create something

Care for the environment

During the design process, we try to select and offer raw materials and production techniques that do not pose a threat to the natural environment. We are actively looking for solutions that will optimize the level of production waste and the possibility of its reuse. At the special request of our customers, we design packaging that uses as little raw materials as possible and is safe for the environment.

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