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Purells Innovative operating under the Burgopak Poland brand are primarily people who build and develop the company. We put quality first. It is the foundation on which we have been creating our company together since 2007. We strongly believe that it answers every question. Quality begins within ourselves and in the relationships between our team resulting in the premium packaging we deliver.

Who are we and what distinguishes us?

The production of packaging is the core of our company. We have always strived to make it efficient, ecological and meet the needs of a modern customer. The production team consists of employees who have many years of experience and specialize in complex manual work requiring high precision. Our actions are also focused on improving and developing automatic processes so as to be able to increase efficiency and offer optimal solutions while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Work ethic

We assume that the ability to achieve goals depends on adopting key values. We act honestly and ethically. We treat each other with mutual respect and dignity. We recognize our employees as our most valuable asset. We respect the self-esteem of others in professional and private life. We keep our word. We respect the diversity of gender, religion and origin.

When choosing suppliers around the world, we pay attention to whether they respect labor rights, do not use child labor, and operate in accordance with the regulations. We are open and honest with our customers and suppliers. We respect intellectual property rights. We have a strict policy regarding the acquisition and management of confidential information so that each of our contractors feels safe. We run our business in a safe and ethical manner so that each participant of the process takes satisfaction from it, thus contributing to the increase in the quality of the service.

Customer orientation

The customer is always at the center of our actions


Each employee is our most valuable asset


We have faith in other people; their reliability and choosing the right thing to do


We treat each other with mutual respect and attention, we value diversity


We respect the dignity and self-esteem of others


We act honestly and ethically

We want to have the best quality on the global market


Investment in human capital is a strategic investment of the company, therefore the employees are the greatest value of the Burgopak Poland – the quality of human capital has a direct impact on the ability to meet the requirements of our clients. We focus on human ambition, creativity, knowledge, skills and experience.

We form an integrated and creative team that pursues common goals. We respect the individuality of each of us and our own opinions, because we know that thanks to this, the best ideas and the most interesting concepts are born.


We expect the best from people We set high standards of excellence for the products we manufacture and the services we provide.

Continuous education of our employees in various types of courses and training allows us to achieve our and our clients’ goals more effectively. We place great emphasis on employee development, which is why investing in people and their knowledge is very important to us.


We take full responsibility for the products and services we provide. We believe that problems are there to be solved. We know what we are doing and we are prepared for each task. We perform our work diligently so that our clients achieve the highest results and achieve their goals. We want our premium packaging to be number 1 in quality on the global market.

We demand a lot from ourselves so that the goals set by us can be achieved more effectively. We keep our commitments. We are also responsible for the results of our team’s work. Thanks to this, when ordering the packaging designed by us, you can be sure of the highest quality.

Innovation and science in the packaging industry

Changes that are faster and faster in global markets motivate us to have new ideas, thanks to which we do not stand still, but constantly move forward, always one step ahead of the competition. Our joint success is based on creating pioneering products and services. We strive to make each product we produce interesting, innovative and above all, of the highest quality. We also offer high-quality packaging and storage services.

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