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Estimote packaging

Estimote was one of the first Polish startups that gained recognition in the Silicon Valley and around the world. The Estimote product is a proximity beacon that supports location technology and makes it easier to move around in closed rooms. They serve both the customers, providing them with accurate and personalized information about the product, and the seller by providing detailed information about traffic in stores. 

Estimote contacted us even before the product was released to the market to choose the best packaging for its products. We faced several challenges – the packaging was supposed to be ecological, compact, consistent with the assumptions of the brand, but also different than electronics packaging that we know so far from store shelves. The result of our work is a packaging with a channel and a magnet-closed flap, made of brown Kraftliner material. 

The packaging is printed with an offset method without white underprint to obtain the effect of a natural, slightly translucent print. Repeating the colors of the becons on the packaging makes the whole thing consistent – while it makes the beacons play the first role all the time because their colors are much more vivid and create a delicate contrast with the packaging.

Photon Entertainment packaging

We met the creators of the Photon robot when it was a concept that was not yet fully finalized – a startup with great potential and ambitions. 

The packaging for the robot had to be as interesting as the robot itself. At the beginning, several concepts were created – some very ambitious but difficult to implement from the point of view of mass production. Others were well beyond the budget that would have allowed the project to be profitable. Ultimately, the packaging of the robot is a compromise between the designers’ creativity and production and budget capabilities. It consists of two flaps, connected to each other and is closed with magnets. The difference between standard packaging with a flap is that in Photon they open diagonally, thanks to which, when opened, we can see the entire body of the robot. 

The packaging from the outside has a simple form and looks very nice on the shelf. Thanks to its simple shape, it is also convenient to distribute. The packaging was made on Alaska Plus cardboard with CMYK printing, and refined with a matte foil with elements of UV varnish.

Intrograf board game

Printing House Intrograf Lublin S.A. has always underlined its roots and the great bond it has with the city of Lublin. It is not without reason that the family of goats became the mascots of the printing house – the symbol of the city of Lublin and an element of its coat of arms. Intrograf Printing House decided to create a game – a gadget for customers and contractors, which will combine elements associated with Lublin. This is how the idea for a board game was born, in which the family of billy goats travels the city of Lublin and has the opportunity to learn about its history. 

Our company was responsible for the creation and the idea for the game. The game was checked by Mr. Tomasz Rakowski – Deputy Director of the Chancellery of the President of the Culture Department of the Lublin City Hall. The element of the game is a deck of cards with questions that we answer while navigating the board – these are questions about the history and culture of Lublin and allow us to get to know it from a different perspective. The game board itself is three-dimensional and shows the panorama of Lublin with its most characteristic buildings. 

The whole game is hidden in a neat cardboard box on which the game instructions are written – so that you never lose it. The game was produced on Arktika cardboard, laminated to beermat. The game was offset printed and covered with a protective varnish

Bombay Sapphire packaging

The Bombay Sapphire brand needs no introduction. The distinctive blue bottle has always stood out on store shelves. 

When the client approached us for packaging services, we were more than happy to cooperate with the brand. Our objective was to design packaging that would highlight the bottle and the included glass and help the brand stay ahead of the curve. 

The challenges were abundant – the packaging had to be artistic, modern and closely related to the company’s branding, but also had to protect the fragile, albeit heavy, contents. The final result was a seemingly simple cuboid-shaped packaging in the brand’s signature colours. The logos were highlighted with gold hot stamping corresponding to the ornaments on the gin label. However, it is inside where the magic happens… 

The inside of the packaging is rich with sapphires, crystal and natural elements – in other words, everything that reflects the character of the brand. We opted for 3D elements that were placed around the bottle and glass. This created an element of surprise for the consumer whose attention will be drawn to the inside. These elements also perform an important function – they stabilise and secure the bottle and glass in the packaging. 

It is noteworthy that we have completely eliminated plastic from the packaging and created a solid and secure structure to hold both the bottle and the glass. A simple modern design with an element of surprise but kept in the brand’s colours adds a new distinct dimension to the liquor which will undoubtedly be noticed on the store shelf. 

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