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In Purells Innovative company operating under the Burgopak Poland brand, quality is an important foundation of management. From the beginning of its existence, i.e. from 2007, the company has focused on management through quality and values.

Quality as a foundation for dynamic development

Choosing this direction provided the company with dynamic business development, professional and personal development for employees, and trusted and reliable partners for clients. The most important activities that contributed to the growth and development include: defining the company’s strategy, acting according to the defined plan, defining a pro-quality vision and mission as well as directional and functional goals, management process approach, focus on constant development of managerial competences, constant care for the quality of relationships with customers and suppliers.

Quality confirmed by certificates

In August 2017, the company confirmed its quality-based management model with the ISO 9001 – 2015 certificate for the production of premium packaging.

During the preparation for certification, high standards and appropriate procedures and operating instructions were implemented. The company has a quality policy that clearly defines the roles, responsibilities and authority in the organization.

Quality policy

The Purells Innovative team operating under the Burgopak Poland brand is committed to achieving and even exceeding the expectations of customers regarding the quality of products and services, which are manufactured in a safe and environmentally friendly production area, in accordance with the law.

Our goal is to ensure the highest quality products at every stage of the production and detecting defects at the beginning of the production in order to reduce losses.

We achieve high quality of packaging and services thanks to a unique approach to our employees: treating them as customers, while respecting their dignity and values, providing constant development and safety.

We require employees to strive to achieve quality goals, as well as identify errors that require improvement.

The management encourages to take care of the quality in every activity performed.

The Quality Management System ensures the stability of our activities, it is simplified and functional.

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Be No. 1 in quality in the global market!

Business Process Management and Six Sigma

Along with the implementation of Strategic Management, the company successively introduces a process approach to work organization, as well as to cooperation with suppliers.

At the beginning of 2017, a process-based management system was established. Key processes have been identified. Moreover, the standards have been implemented.

Processes and all reports from customers, suppliers and employees are subjected  to constant monitoring and analysis.

Since 2017, customer satisfaction survey on the company’s products and services has been annually conducted. In the same year, an employee satisfaction survey was also conducted, which is a permanent element on improving the conditions and work organization.


The natural continuation of the pro-ecological approach in our company is the implementation of the FSC certificate. In September 2022 we implemented the FSC CoC certificate based on the chain of custody of the product. . The FSC standard is endorsed by the largest environmental organizations. It is also one of the most reliable systems in the world in the field of forest resource certification.


After the implementation of GMP and GHP procedures, the next step in the development of the process approach and standardization of production is obtaining the BRC certificate. By the end of 2023 we plan to implement this certificate in our company to guarantee high quality of production and consumer safety.


The 5S method means proper organization at the workplace, constant order as well as safety at the workplace, which is why we decided to implement this system in Burgopak Poland.

For us, quality is not only the quality of the production, but most of all the quality of interpersonal relations, relations with customers and suppliers.

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