Art Of Packaging - European Media Group invitation

The invitation was issued for the 15th edition of the Art Of Packaging competition. The red flower in bloom has become the symbol of this edition and all accompanying materials. The most accurate form of presenting was the use of a pop-up structure which gives very large spatial possibilities. In the central point of the invitation, there is a statuette awarded to the winners of the competition, and it is surrounded by delicate flowers. The slogans that have accompanied the competition from the beginning are hidden among the subtle red petals, such as Passion, Art, Creation and Imagination. The refinement of the invitation is very simple but also elegant – it is a red hotstamping that beautifully reflects light reflections and makes the invitation flicker like in the spotlight.

Idemia holiday card

Idemia is a world market leader specializing in digital SiM solutions and digital payment as well as the virtualization of classic tools such as ID cards, SIM cards or passports. Despite the fact that the company’s activity is mainly associated with virtual reality, the client decided to have a Christmas card in paper form – so as to refer also to the tradition. . Idemia decided to use a common card for all of their branches and it was important that the card expressed this clearly. We decided to use a pop-up structure. The idea was to show characteristic buildings from the cities where Idemia has its branches – all shown in winter scenery and colors. The paper we have chosen is Tintoretto Gesso, which is smooth and raw and fits perfectly into the cool and winter atmosphere. As a card maker, Idemia has decided to supplement the Christmas card with a plastic greeting card in the country language of each branch.

Zing card

As a distributor of raw materials for printing, Zing could not convey his wishes to his customers other than in the form of a paper Christmas card. The most important thing for the customer was to combine the raw material with the colors of his logo so that the paper was the central element all the time. We decided to use a pop-up design with a snowball theme. The paper that was used for the production of the card is Sirio Pearl Merida White 220g. It has been refined with a PMS-color print and a delicate hot-stamping – all in the colors of the Zing logo. The card creates a warm, festive atmosphere – slightly flickering, just like delicate lights on a Christmas tree. The card is small, but it contains of a charming Christmas picture referring to old children books. The very warm and positive reactions of Zing’s customers after receiving the card were the best proof that the combination of construction, paper and refinements was the most accurate.

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