Production of packaging

Our modern factory is managed through processes that are systematically improved. They are the result of experience and a constant desire to reach for new things. Thanks to this, both on the manual and automatic lines, our production of cardboard packaging is able to achieve high efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Manual labor

Thanks to an experienced team, we are able to carry out short and high-volume orders for cardboard packaging.

We specialize in:

Complicated manual assembly

Control of products and semi-finished products

Inserting non-standard products


Completing the sets

Product labeling

Applying the tape

Labeling and folding

Automatic work lines

Automation allows us to produce the highest quality packaging as well as cost optimization and delivery on time. We have a modern and constantly improved machine park with automatic lines:

Folding line

Glue line

Die-cutting line

Line for marking products using the Ink-jet method

Automatic tape application

Conveyor belts for confection

Print management in the production of packaging

We provide Print Management services, which allow you to significantly reduce the overall production costs by choosing the right supplier. We print only on the best machines from proven suppliers. Thanks to the experience acquired over the years we are able to flexibly approach any even the most complex work.

Constant observation of the market allows us to use new technologies. We put a lot of emphasis on quality, which is why our suppliers are controlled by us and verified at every production stage. Our employees are present on each acceptance of the first sheets – we know that the acceptance of the first prints and the right colors are of the great importance for the final product.

Print refinements

Printing refinement is a series of techniques aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the packaging. There are many possibilities of refinement. Research shows that the use of refinements has a key impact on sales. What is more interesting, it also increases the mechanical strength of the substrate and the surface.

As a result, cardboard packaging becomes more resistant to stretching or abrasion. The products also show an increase in resistance to aggressive environmental factors such as light or water. As a packaging manufacturer, we offer professional advice in every aspect of refinement


UV varnish, gloss and mat

UV 3D varnish

Fluorescent varnish

Structural varnish

Glitter varnish

Pearl varnish

Fragrance varnish


Glossy or matt foils

Soft-touch foils

STM foils

Metallic foils

Holographic foils

Structural foils





Sustainable development

As a responsible organization, we make every effort to consistently minimize our impact on the natural environment. We try to select and offer our clients raw materials and production techniques that do not pose a threat to the natural environment. We support sustainable development and contribute to the creation of a “green world”.

We appreciate suppliers looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional production methods. We are looking for solutions that will optimize the level of production waste and the possibility of its reuse. We create packaging containing natural raw materials which is safe for the natural environment.

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