Manufacturer of packaging that helps your sales

Our packaging is much more than pretty boxes made of exclusive cardboard. It is a tool that helps to increase sales and will allow your products to stand out on the local and foreign market.

Manufacturer of packaging that helps your sales

Our packaging is much more than pretty boxes made of exclusive cardboard. It is a tool that helps to increase sales and will allow your products to stand out on the local and foreign market.

Why is it worth having premium packaging?

First impression is the most important – especially when shopping. That is why unique cardboard packaging and boxes are so important today. Thanks to the aesthetic and properly designed cardboard packaging, you can both attract the attention of customers, emphasize the quality of the product and express the personality of your brand. The cardboard packages designed and manufactured by us will become your best marketing tool.

What do we focus
on during cooperation?


We focus on the quality of packaging and our services, which we constantly improve in every area of our activity.


We build and nurture long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers, supporting the local market, but operating globally.


We strive for sustainable development by building environmental awareness and care for the closest surroundings.


We want to be a leader on the premium cardboard packaging market, set trends and introduce innovative solutions.

What do we do?

Design and production of cardboard packaging

We start each design of cardboard boxes with in-depth research and analysis of the market, competition and the target group. . We take care of each new project in terms of construction, graphics and sustainable production of cardboard packaging. We ensure the shortest possible production time for packaging which is possible thanks to modern machinery

Inserting, confectioning, sampling and manual work

We specialize in wrapping, folding, assembling, confectioning, inserting and any other manual work related to the production of packaging that cannot be done by any machine. We carry out both short and high-volume orders.

Quality control of cardboard packaging

We carry out quality control of cardboard packaging, exceeding customer expectations. We ensure the highest quality of products at every stage of the production process, detecting defects and limiting losses caused by mechanical damage. As a manufacturer of premium cardboard packaging, we carry out a detailed product control in terms of compliance with the specification.

Packing, co-packing and storage of packages

We deal with comprehensive, safe and careful packaging of goods in particular cosmetics. . We can also foil single products and sets, as well as mark them with the inkjet method. Moreover, we can put barcodes, stickers and labels on them. In addition, we have a modern warehouse thanks to which we can store both semi-finished products and finished goods.

Transport, service

We deal with express shipments to any place in the world. Thanks to cooperation with several shipping companies, we offer various services depending on where and how quickly the shipment is to be delivered. We fully support international road, air and sea transports.

Who are we and why is it worth trusting us?

We focus on diversity, unconventionality and innovation, because we believe that only in this way, as a manufacturer of cardboard packaging, we can stay ahead of the changing market. We are located in Central Europe, but thanks to a global approach, we are able to implement global trends in our projects. Our inspiration is the constantly changing world and the packaging market that surrounds us. We adapt to the most demanding customers, and change constantly, which is why in 2021 we became part of the great Burgopak family.

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Sustainable development

During the packaging design process, we try to select and offer our customers raw materials and production techniques that do not pose a threat to the natural environment. We are looking for solutions that will reduce the level of cardboard waste and possibility of its reuse.

If customer requests we design cardboard packaging and boxes that use as little raw material as possible and are safe for the environment. We produce cardboard packaging in a safe and environmentally friendly production area and in compliance with the law.

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