Packaging Bank Pekao S.A.

Be realistic, want the impossible. It was the slogan that was supposed to lead the packaging for the Private Banking sector of Pekao S.A. Bank. The recipient of this sector is a demanding individual and would like to be treated as such. This unique card guarantees not only security and anonymity, but also individual solutions with a personal advisor. The packaging had to reflect this unusual character of the card. We used a patented mechanism as unique as the card itself. Black raw material and golden hotstamping completed the exclusive character of the card and created a harmonious whole. Packaging is also a response to the changed approach to ecology. We gave up the large structure in favor of a compact package that can fit up to three cards. . As a result, the use of raw material dropped significantly


Finci is a new fintech company that facilitates financial management. Finci has developed an intuitive application for business and private customers that can send and receive payments in Euro, GBP, PLN and USD quickly and easily. Finci also has big plans for the future of smart financial management, investing in artificial intelligence to make the daily financial lives of its customers faster and easier. To distinguish the brand and present the services in an original way, an elegant card packaging for Finci partners was created. The client chose a simple solution from the Burgopak range which combined with the graphics in the brand’s colors provides an excellent presentation of the product and allows the brand to stand out from other similar solutions on the market.

PKO packaging

Bank Polski S.A.

For the 100th anniversary of the establishment of PKO Bank Polski, a limited collector’s coin was issued. The PKO bank asked us to create a packaging that would display the coin and the certificate. We knew right away that the packaging must also be as unique as the coin itself. Simple, subtle and elegant. That were criteria’s for the packaging. We used a telescopic mechanism. The cover only featured the logo of the 100th anniversary and the bank’s logo. The middle part is the history of the coin and the lowest part is the coin and the certificate itself. Thanks to the patented mechanism, when opened, the packaging creates a story because we see all the elements at once. It symbolizes continuity – just like 100 years of the history of the Bank of Poland.

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