We cooperate with the Photon Entertainment brand not only in the creation of packaging, but also in the confectioning of a constantly expanding range of products. The brand’s portfolio includes several sets of robots and additional accessories that complement the functions of the device itself. Our task is to complete the sets according to the specification. The basic and unchanging element of each of them is a robot, and depending on the type of package, additional elements are added. At the moment, there are 10 different sets, each of them consists of several dozen different products, so the packaging requires accuracy and meticulousness. The customer receives a complete service: starting from the design through the production of packaging, confection and delivery to the distribution center. Thanks to the services we offer, the customer saves their time and receives a security guarantee at every stage of the supply chain. Thanks to the implemented processes, such projects are not a challenge for us.

Sir Williams

Sir William’s teas is a Polish tea brand associated mainly with the catering sector: hotels, restaurants, cafes and retail offer. . For our client, we have completed the advent calendar. It consists of a cardboard Christmas tree with twenty-four boxes, into which we place a tea bag of different flavors under each number. Everything is packed in a Christmas cardboard packaging. . Advent calendars are a great form of a gift for loved ones as well as a form of product promotion, thanks to which the customer becomes attached to the brand within twenty-four days. By purchasing a calendar, the consumer gets to know new tastes and a broader offer of the producer.

RR Donnelley

RR DONNELLEY is an international provider of printing solutions and a specialist in the field of marketing communication. We worked with the brand both as a producer of printed materials and in the packaging of sets, including Elly Lilly, a biotechnology company that creates therapeutic solutions, products and drugs for the treatment of various types of medical conditions.

During our cooperation, our task was to complete the Conversation Map educational toolkits. There are 7 product versions in 38 different languages and they are shipped to 120 countries.

Thanks to the fact that both the production process, as well as confectioning and coordination of distribution took place in our company, the customer gained quality, optimized the implementation time and eliminated the risk of errors in the entire supply chain.

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