Ordering perfume packaging? Pay attention to 3 features listed below

The sales success of a new fragrance is sometimes not only the result of an excellent fragrance composition, but also the marketing built around the perfume. That’s why matching and designing the right bottle and packaging are such key components. In this post, we will take a closer look at the latter – you will learn about the 3 features you should pay attention to in order to choose a perfume packaging that will have an impact on its sales.

Designing the right packaging for perfumes is not an easy task. Perfume manufacturers are outdoing themselves in matching ever more fanciful and surprising packaging for new lines of fragrances. Every detail matters. A crowning example here would be the perfume packaging of such brands as Jimmy Choo and Kenzo. The former brand focuses on minimalism, elegance and sophistication (see Jimmy Choo L’eau), while the latter has achieved mastery in surprising customers (check out the Flower by Kenzo fragrance line).

1. Aesthetics and quality of perfume packaging

The appearance of perfume packaging says a lot not only about the fragrance itself, but also about the brand. Therefore, the higher the price of the perfume, the higher should be the quality of the packaging in which it will be stored. Of particular importance is the ingenious design, packaging enrichments and the type of cardboard used to make it.

Perfume packaging design

No matter whether you sell niche perfumes or mainstream perfumes, their packaging should relate subtly to their base notes. The colour of the packaging and all its graphic elements can reflect, for instance, citrus accords or a floral bouquet. Subtlety is important. The features of the fragrance can be shown both on the outside and inside of the packaging.

Print enrichments

Print enrichments make packaging more attractive. Customers associate them with high quality, and some studies show that decorations boost perfume sales. Print enrichment techniques are plentiful, ranging from glossy, matte, fluorescent, scented or pearl varnish, to soft-touch, structural and holographic films, to hot-stamping and embossing. The decorations not only distinguish the packaging, but also provide maximum protection for the print against damage.

Cardboard type

When making up your mind about package, you should also pay attention to choosing the right cardboard for the package, especially the basis weight and the number of cardboard layers. With a perfectly smooth cardboard surface, problems can be avoided when adding decorations. When the cardboard consists  not of a single, but of several layers, the overall stability and strength of the perfume packaging goes up. The rigid cardboard also looks better, which in a way can emphasize fragrance durability.

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2. Perfume protection

The perfume and its packaging must reach the customer intact. Therefore, the packaging design should be ideally suited to the bottle size. The packaging must not be too large, its design should prevent the bottle from moving in the box. The empty space in the box can be filled by using any cushioning material to protect the bottles during handling and transport. The filler inside the box can be branded with your logo.

Perfume packaging most often uses cardboard fillers – perfectly cut cardboard boxes that match the design of the packaging and the bottle. Fillers in perfume packaging can also be made from coloured tissue paper. The tissue paper, properly crumpled and arranged in the packaging, adapts to the individual shape of the packaging; it makes the perfume look elegant and also provides good protection during transport.

3. Coherence with brand image

When customers choose perfume for themselves or the loved one, they are often look for a fragrance that matches their personality or style. Therefore, an important feature of perfume packaging is its coherence with the brand image. Perfume branding highlights the perfume quality and nature so that potential customers can easily identify with the brand. Thus, by reflecting your brand values on your perfume packaging in a clear and specific manner, you emphasise why perfume is worth buying.

4. Eco-friendly approach

If there is one thing that all perfume buyers could agree on, it would be the statement that sustainable development is important. Therefore, perfume packaging cannot only be well-designed, it should also present the brand’s eco-friendly approach. Today, sustainable development is one of the key features for most customers. Packaging that is made with sophistication yet simplicity of natural materials will arouse more interest in the target group. Even in the design phase, it is important to keep in mind that perfume boxes should not only look luxurious, but should also be manufactured with the eco-friendliness in mind.


When you design or order packaging for products such as perfumes, you are actually building the customer’s experience with your brand. Intriguing packaging that takes advantage of the colour power, surprises with material texture and uses eco-friendly materials is an effective method for catching customers’ eye. Attention to detail here pays off – after all, packaging is inextricably linked to perfume and can be one of many drivers of a successful marketing campaign.

Want to order perfume packaging with all of the above features? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and request a free consultation. You will learn more about our capabilities, the experience of our designers and sustainable production. Tell us what your expectations are and we will tailor-make the best possible solution for you.

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