What problems does marketing research solve?           

You want to grow your business but you do not know where to start? Can your problems be solved by marketing research? – This is what you will find out in this article.

What is the reason for conducting marketing research?

Marketing research is extremely important for conducting an effective marketing strategy. It allows us to get to know our customers better, tailor our offer to their needs and monitor the effectiveness of our actions.

The reasons for conducting marketing research are as follows:

  • understanding of the market, current trends;

  • specifying the target group for our products or services;

  • a better understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations, including their purchasing preferences;

  • assessing the competition, analysing and evaluating their strategic actions, offers, communication channels;

  • providing an opportunity to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our activities, campaigns or marketing strategies. This allows us to improve our operations for better results;

  • marketing research is an invaluable tool in the development of new products or services. It makes it possible to verify the potential acceptance of a new product, understand consumer expectations and research the competition;

  • It provides the information and knowledge necessary for effective marketing strategy planning.

All these factors make marketing research crucial to running a successful business and achieving a competitive advantage. This makes us more likely to succeed.

What problems does marketing research solve?

Marketing research can address many of our concerns. It provides an opportunity to learn about the market and customers: including their preferences, purchasing decisions, needs and expectations. Knowing the needs and expectations of the market makes it easier for us to develop new products and services that are more attractive to consumers. This allows us to tailor our offers better to our target customers and increase our competitiveness on the market.

The information gained by marketing research on the market, competitors, customers and trends also facilitates the planning of overall marketing strategies. We then make more informed and confident decisions and are able to adapt better our actions to the market.

By conducting marketing research, we can assess the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns, including understanding what works best for consumers and what forms of advertising are most effective. Thus, we can create more effective advertising campaigns that attract more customers. The research can also provide us with information on customer satisfaction and an assessment of the quality of our products and services.

Example: Let us suppose that we are a cosmetic company that is just entering the market with its product range. We know the needs of the market, the current trends, but we do not know how our product will be received and whether it will be competitive enough to break through in the maze of competitors’ offers. By conducting marketing research, we can find out opinions about our product and assess how it will be received by customers. Research can ensure that we are able to improve a product before its release or make sure of the marketing decisions we make. We will also find out how it is really seen by prospective customers. This will help us choose the right advertising campaign, we will know what influences customers and what to avoid.


Marketing research helps to solve many problems we face in marketing and sales. It provides the basis for making wise and effective business decisions. This allows us to align our strategies and operations better with the requirements of the market and our customers, increasing our chances of success and greater profit.

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