What is hot stamping? Check how major brands add elegance to the packaging

What to do to make the eye-catching packaging to attract customers? How to make unique packaging that stands out on the store shelf? Hot stamping may be the answer. Among all types of refinements, it is the hot stamping technique that adds the most luxurious nature to the packaging. Why is the hot stamping used so eagerly by the most exclusive global brands?

The more saturated the market, the more difficult it is to make our product different from those of competitors. Check what hot stamping is, what advantages it offers and what you can gain by adding this refinement to the your product packaging design.

What is the hot stamping all about?

Hot stamping, also known as hot print or gilding or hot embossing, is a printing technique distinguished by the use of hot stamping foil and a hot, convex die. In the hot stamping process, the pigmented foil is applied to the product with a hot stamp die that imprints the image. This results in a relief print that emphasises well the graphic design elements of the packaging.

What are the types of hot stamping foil?

Depending on the hot stamping foil used, the print finish can be glossy, matte or with a holographic effect.

  • metallic foils, including diffraction foils that produce a holographic effect
  • pigment foils: matte or glossy
  • pearlescent films – they are more transparent than metallic or pigment foils.

With hot stamping, you can emphasize the smallest details of graphics (e.g. single letters) or large elements of the packaging design.

What is the use of hot stamping in the production of packaging?

Hot stamping is a printing technique that is used to enhance  the visibility and distinction of packaging. It plays an important role in packaging projects for industries in which aesthetics is one of the key  marketing elements, e.g. in the cosmetics industry, especially in the perfume industry. When an aesthetic finish of the packaging is required or you want to get an artistic appearance , this creative printing technique gives the best opportunities. What hot stamping benefits go far beyond visual appeal.

The luxurious nature of the packaging

Packaging decorated with foil usually uses metallic shades such as bronze and gold, which adds exclusivity. When consumers see a package with gold lettering, they often assume that the product is of greater value. When you sell a more expensive cosmetic product, e.g. a perfume, hot stamping on the packaging should be mandatory – it is a sign for customers that high price translates into high quality. Briefly speaking – hot stamping emphasizes that it is worth paying more for your product.

Standing out in the market

Hot stamping also helps to stand out in a saturated market. The greater the competition, the more important the brand image is. That is why packaging designers and brand managers choose packaging decoration techniques so carefully. Hot stamping not only helps to arouse interest in your brand in the target group, but also provides positive associations.

Refinement that can be recycled

Packaging decorated with hot stamping can be recycled and re-processed. Unlike other decoration methods, the hot stamping process is not toxic to the environment. If you position your brand as eco-friendly, having 100% recyclable packaging can give you a strong competitive advantage these days. For example: a subtle packaging made of durable cardboard in a shade of light grey in combination with a raised logo in the colour of e.g. rose gold can be a confirmation of the ecological values of your company, and at the same time an example of elegance and sophistication.

Permanent decoration

When decorating using hot stamping technique, no ink is used, but coloured foil, so you can be sure that the effect will not depend on the background colour of the package and will not fade over time. This is important because even several months may pass from the production and packaging of a cosmetic to sale. Hot stamping is a very durable decoration. It does not rub or wash off – it looks like new, even if it has been a long time since production. The durability of hot stamping emphasizes the quality of products and this is one of the reasons why it is so often used in the packaging of the most luxurious brands in the world.

Economical refinement

How much does hot stamping cost? Although the most exclusive brands use hot stamping, it is an inexpensive printing technique compared to other print finishing techniques. The overall process is relatively straightforward , therefore, although hot stamping adds elegance to the printed surface of the packaging, it is also an economical solution.


Hot stamping is a decoration technique that has been used for over 100 years. And there’s no doubt about big value that it adds to your packaging designs. Today it is used on all types of surfaces and can be used to distinguish both large graphics and very small details. However, what’s best about this decorating technique is that it creates a very smooth, glossy surface that attracts customers. The aesthetic and elegant effect, and an option of recycling packaging with hot stamping, make it one of the decoration techniques used by the largest brands. And ordering hot-print packaging can be a strategic decision for your branding.

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