The Art of Influencer Marketing: How to prepare a good campaign? 

In our lives, we encounter patterns known as “numerous, close, and influential.” In this article, we will focus on influential patterns, as they play a significant role in the psychology of marketing and influence our decisions. 

In recent years, advertising has undergone radical changes. The internet and social media applications have dominated the information and shopping recommendation market, replacing traditional media. As a result, breaking through the information noise is becoming increasingly difficult, which reduces sales and customer loyalty. Today, we will look at influencers, who are trendsetters, and how, as a beauty brand, we can use influencer marketing to promote our products and increase their sales. 

Utilizing Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is a strategy that involves collaborating with individuals who have a large reach on social media. This makes it possible to reach a broad audience of potential customers in an authentic and engaging way. Influencers, thanks to their credibility and the trust their followers have in them, can effectively promote our brand and products. According to estimates, in 2022, beauty brands spent $16 billion on influencer campaigns, and it is forecasted that this amount will rise to $85 billion by 2028! 

5 Benefits of collaborating with Influencers 

  • Increased visibility: Videos on YouTube or posts and reels on Instagram generate hundreds of thousands or even millions of views and interactions. This allows us, as a brand, to reach a broad and diverse audience of potential customers. 
  • Building trust and authenticity: Influencers are perceived as authentic sources of information, giving social media users the impression of receiving a recommendation from a trusted person, significantly increasing the credibility and attractiveness of our promoted products. 
  • Reaching the target audience: Collaborating with the right influencers allows us to precisely reach our target audience. This makes our campaigns more effective and reaches people who are genuinely interested in our products. 
  • Increased engagement: Sponsored posts by influencers generate higher engagement rates, such as likes, comments, and shares. This translates into greater interaction with our brand and building a community around it. 

How can we prepare an effective campaign with Influencers? 

Choose the right influencers or agency: 

The first step is to find influencers who have authentic relationships with their followers and align with our brand values. Such influencers not only have the appropriate reach but also a loyal fan base. The choice of influencer should translate into real profits. For example, promoting cosmetics through a culinary influencer may not bring the desired results. It’s also worth remembering that some influencers collaborate exclusively with agencies, which means all negotiations are conducted directly with the agency. 

Create our brand story: 

The next step is to create the story we want to tell. We create content that is engaging and authentic. Avoid intrusive advertising—focus on storytelling and showcasing the real benefits of using our products. Tell how our product or service can solve our customers’ problems. What need does our product meet? 

Our value must be unique. After all, all eye creams promise to remove wrinkles—let ours take care of healthy skin that regenerates and rebuilds. Show how our cream restores glow to tired eyes, moisturizes, and strengthens the delicate skin around the eyes, helping our customers feel more confident and comfortable in their skin. This unique value will make our product stand out from the competition. 

Take care of our product presentation: 

Unboxing cosmetics and other products are very popular online. Therefore, ensure that the products promoted by our influencers are packaged in a way that brings joy from the moment they are opened. Packaging that pleasantly surprises the influencer will evoke realistic emotions, further enhancing the authenticity of the message. 

Good quality packaging indicates that the brand pays great attention to its products, which will positively influence the recipient. The presentation of the product is extremely important—the influencer must feel that this is the perfect product for them. The emotions the influencer experiences while opening the package will be visible in their message and encourage viewers to take an interest in our brand. Remember that the first impression often determines the overall perception of the product, so the packaging should be unique and carefully designed. 

Develop a clear instruction for the Influencer: 

The appropriate presentation of the product in a subtle way will bring greater reach than intrusive representation. Therefore, prepare clear instructions for our influencer so they know exactly what our product is and how we would like it to be presented. 

Ensure a well-constructed description and thoughtful message that will engage the audience. Describe exactly what distinguishes our product and what benefits it brings. Highlight how our eye cream supports skin regeneration, moisturizes it, and restores its glow. 

Don’t forget the important role of hashtags. Properly chosen hashtags will increase reach and allow us to reach a broader audience. A well-thought-out message, considering both the benefits of the product and the influencer’s authentic emotions, will strengthen the authenticity of the presentation and positively impact the perception of our brand. 

Ensure product availability and efficient logistics: 

We should ensure adequate stock levels and an efficient distribution system for our product. The right influencer can sell our product in a matter of minutes. We often hear stories of new cosmetics recommended by an influencer selling out in 10 minutes, with online store servers unable to handle the load. 

Therefore, it’s crucial that our warehouses are well-stocked and distribution systems ready for a large number of orders in a short period. Only then can we fully leverage the potential of an influencer campaign and meet the demand generated by recommendations without losing customers due to product shortages. 

Why interesting packaging is important in Influencer Marketing 

Imagine an influencer—let’s call her Kasia—who receives many packages with products to review daily. We send a package of our brand’s cosmetics to Kasia. Kasia opens our shipment, which is packaged differently from all the other packages she has received so far. The packaging is creative and aesthetic, immediately catching her attention. The high quality of the materials used for packaging suggests that we care about every detail, positively impacting Kasia’s first impression. Intuitive package opening further increases her satisfaction—everything is thoughtful and convenient. 

We want Kasia to present our product effectively. Therefore, ensure that she is delighted at first sight. When Kasia opens the package on her Instagram, her followers immediately notice the unique packaging. Kasia emphasizes how beautifully and carefully everything is packed, further increasing the product’s value in the eyes of her viewers. 

It’s not just aesthetics—the packaging is eco-friendly, a big plus for Kasia’s environmentally conscious followers. Additionally, the package is easy to open and full of small but thoughtful and unique details that make Kasia feel special. 

As a result, Kasia enthusiastically recommends the product to her followers, highlighting the significant role played by elegant and functional packaging. Her positive review and beautiful packaging photos attract the attention of many people who now also want to try our product. 


Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that can significantly increase your brand’s visibility. By collaborating with the right influencers, you can reach new customers, build trust, and increase engagement. In today’s competitive market, it’s worth investing in this strategy to stand out effectively from the competition. 

Contact us at Burgopak Poland to learn more about how we can support you in an effective influencer marketing campaign by creating packaging that sells. 


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