Sample packaging design that sells–5 key factors for success.

This article will provide you with information on what to consider when designing sample packaging to boost sales.

Knowledge of your own brand.

The first key success factor in packaging design is to create it in accordance with the brand’s canon. Sample packaging needs to be a clear representation of our brand and communicate our core values. This is an excellent opportunity to build brand identification and loyalty in the minds of consumers. For example, a premium brand known for its high-end, quality products and minimalism will not release a sample in flashy packaging. Like the company that prides itself on its green credentials, it will not put into service any samples of its products in plastic packaging.

Moreover, the brand logo, company colours, and distinctive graphic elements must be visible and consistent with the product for which we created the sample. This allows customers to recognise the product immediately and–by identifying with the values they hold–feel a bond with our brand.

Product-compatible design

It goes without saying that the packaging should be visually appealing, eye-catching and encourage us to buy the product, but what else should it be? Good design should be tailored to the target group, convey brand values and, most importantly, be stylistically consistent with the product. It’s common for the packaging to not correspond with the product. There is no point in creating packaging for a sample that stands out from the product design. Such a sample will not be associated with the product it is supposed to tell a story about, thus neither influencing the sales of the target product nor increasing its recognition.

Being unique in a given sector

Among the plethora of products available on the market, each one has many competitors from which it has to break through to customers. An original design or packaging feature can make our product the one to choose from among many other proposals. It is therefore worth paying more attention to the design of the packaging, as it is the first thing the consumer sees when trying to get to the sample. The packaging should be eye-catching, and to achieve this, it must be original, unique, unrepeatable and at the same time attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Also consider using distinctive textures, refinements or special effects to catch the eye of warm lead.

Importantly, we need to get to know the market and competition to create packaging that is quite different and in opposition to the offer of other brands. Otherwise, we will not be able to attract the attention of potential customers. 

Technological feasibility of the project

One of the most important aspects of packaging design is whether our design will be feasible. Fanciful packaging often becomes completely unworkable, cost-prohibitive, or simply nonfunctional. The sample packaging should be both practical and user-friendly. It is important that the packaging is easy to open and easy to close–the convenience of use has to be kept in mind. Packaging shouldn’t be a barrier, but rather a means to facilitate access to the product. The functionality of the packaging affects the user experience and can influence positive product impressions. The best way to do this is to use a company that specialises in the design and manufacture of packaging, so that you can rely on a professional service from design to finished packaging.

Packaging quality

We evaluate the product and then the brand through the prism of the packaging. To maintain quality, our packaging needs to communicate this. Packaging is the first contact with a product, and sometimes with a brand. Quality manifests itself not only in the raw materials used for packaging, printing techniques or refinement, but also in the quality of the project, design and, to a lesser extent, in the way it is distributed, transported or stored. Even if we make great packaging, on elegant dyed paper with embossing on the cover, but the method of transportation is sloppy, our packaging will end up in the hands of customers crumpled or with unsightly bent corners. Or even if beautiful papers are used, but the design is underdeveloped, the printed elements will be of dreadful quality. For this reason, quality is something that has to be perfected at every level.


To sum it up, the five design factors that are the most influential in sales:

  • Knowledge of our own brand–design that is consistent with our values and relevant to our visual identity;

  • Consistency of packaging design with the product;

  • Uniqueness in the market–our product and its packaging is supposed to stand out from the competition;

  • Technological feasibility of the project–the project is to be manageable without generating additional hidden costs;

  • Packaging quality.

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Sources: Own elaboration

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