Our solutions

We deliver products that stand out on the market. Thanks to their innovative nature and uniqueness, they help build a positive image for a brand, product or service, distinguishing them from competitors.

Custom Packaging

Individually designed packaging for the brand, product and service.

Pop – up

Pop-up cards are individual constructions with 3d elements created using paper engineering.


We perform tasks that require the gathering together of highly complex and complicated sets. We also offer co-packing services.

Manual works

Precise mounting, folding, gluing, sticking of both small batches and high-volume series.

Burgopak Standard Range

In order to meet the expectations of prospective Customers, Burgopak has introduced a range of standard products – these are 15 products that may be used as card holders, for mail, and many, many other purposes. 

Burgopak Healthcare

This is the newest card range created by Burgopak. Presenting an optimized version of the standard range. 

Optimised Packaging Range

To najnowsza gama opakowań na karty stworzona przez Burgopak. Opakowania są zoptymalizowaną wersją standardowej gamy produktów.