MOQ at Burgopak Poland: A barrier or an opportunity for your brand?

When looking for a packaging supplier, we often encounter the issue of high MOQs. In this article, we’ll explain why packaging manufacturers use this practice and how we at Burgopak Poland adapt to our clients’ needs in this regard.

What is MOQ and why is it used?

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity, which is the smallest number of products we agree to produce in a single order. The use of MOQ is crucial for companies because:

  1. We optimize production costs by buying raw materials in larger quantities at lower prices, minimizing unit costs. This allows the product to be offered at a competitive price.
  2. We increase operational efficiency by reducing the complexity of processes.
  3. We support mass production, enabling better planning and lower prices for buyers.
  4. We earn because MOQ ensures that production will be economically justified. We must be sure that reaching a certain number of orders will cover the fixed and variable costs associated with the production of a particular product.

Problems arising from high MOQs

High MOQs can create obstacles for companies, especially those that need small quantities of products:

  1. Financial burden: MOQ forces smaller companies to purchase a larger quantity of products, which increases initial costs and can be a significant financial burden.
  2. Inventory management: Buying larger quantities of packaging can lead to inventory management issues, especially when storage space is limited.
  3. Barriers to testing new products: For startups and small businesses, high MOQ can be a barrier to introducing new products.

How do we approach MOQ at Burgopak Poland?

At Burgopak Poland, we adopt a flexible approach to MOQ, depending on the type and complexity of the packaging. Our minimum orders start from 1000 pieces for standard products, but we are ready to adjust to your needs:

  • Personalized service: We understand that our clients’ needs are diverse. When presenting an offer, we usually propose several price variants to illustrate how the price will shape up with an increase in volume. This allows you to know at the initial stage what savings you can generate.
  • Flexible negotiations: In cases of limited storage possibilities for ordered volumes, we also offer the option of storing products and delivering on demand. We offer attractive pricing conditions. This allows you to save on the unit cost of packaging and ensure the quantities of your product are needed.

Suppose we receive an inquiry for perfume sample packaging in a quantity of 200 pieces, which is significantly below our standard minimum order (MOQ). Instead of rejecting the order, we strive to understand your needs during a meeting and propose the most optimal solutions. We prepare an offer that allows you to compare prices at different order sizes, helping you choose the solution that best meets your needs. Thanks to our flexibility and commitment, you have the opportunity to test our cooperation and our quality as a supplier.


At Burgopak Poland, personalized service and flexibility are our priorities, allowing us to adjust the conditions of the minimum order size (MOQ) to the specifics and needs of your company. Whether you are launching a new product or looking for effective packaging solutions for existing products, MOQ does not have to be an insurmountable barrier.

Contact us to work together on beneficial solutions, and if you want to know what affects the price of packaging, learn more in the article : What Influences the Price of Packaging and How Can We Optimize It?

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