Is sampling profitable?

This article will tell you if and when sampling can be profitable.

What is sampling and why is it worth using it?

Sampling is the distribution of the samples of products or advertising materials. Sampling is a chance to reach our prospective customers, build brand reputation, trust or our recognition, and above all to establish a brand-customer relationship.

When shopping, we often abandon products that we have not had the opportunity to test, this is completely normal, even more so in the case when we are dealing with an expensive article. Being able to test a product assures customers in their purchasing choices, so they decide to buy a product more often. Testing gives them a guarantee that the product is for them, so they get rid of the risk of failed purchases.

When do we use product sampling?

We use product sampling most often for:

  • reminding customers about our product, refreshing the image (e.g. releasing a new product, its refreshed or new variants, or changing the design or composition of an existing product);

  • creating brand image and awareness (sampling focused mainly on the brand – its position, nature, perception, orientation change, etc.).

With what products is sampling profitable?

Sampling is profitable with products that customers do not usual buy without testing. These are products the effects of which are seen after the first use: such as cosmetics, perfumes, chemicals or food. These are the types of products that can be discovered and tested using a small amount of them. Products which need long-term testing and whose effects cannot be verified immediately are not suitable for sampling.

Perfume samples are the best example that works instantly: when testing perfumes, we can decide on the first use if the fragrance is to our taste and we can evaluate its effectiveness. Another example of products suitable for sampling are any food products. By trying food products, we can assess whether their taste is right for us, whether their composition, texture, smell, etc. is suitable. It will be similar with household chemicals, where their effects can be seen after the first application.

More information about products which we can sell through samples is provided in the following article: “What products can be sold through samples?”

What can we do to make a profitable sampling process?

At the beginning, we should answer a few questions: who will be the recipient of our product, for whom it is intended – whether for a specific customer or on a mass scale? What do you want to get through sampling? Do you want to build brand awareness or introduce a new product to the market?

The first very important thing is to understand what sampling really is, and what is the purpose of our campaign. It should be noted here that sampling cannot be free distribution, then it will not bring the expected results, but only uncovered costs. To prevent this, it is necessary to determine the target group of our products. That is, the people for whom our product is intended, e.g. eyeshadows will be intended for women and in this group we should conduct sampling. If you have limited resources, such as time, budget or personnel, sampling the product may be cost-effective for you. Distributing a product among too numerous groups would require more investment, while sampling in a specific target group makes it possible to reach prospective customers at lower costs.

Another important thing is to understand the needs of our customers and adapt the product intended for sampling, as well as its method itself, to current market trends. A well-adjusted sampling method will allow us to reduce the cost of sampling and bring the expected results.

You can read more about sampling method selection and target groups in the article “How to Select the Right Sampling Method for Your Product?”


Sampling can be cost-effective when we have limited resources, such as time and budget. Effective and profitable sampling is one that hits the target group of our customers. Sampling must be prepared well, that is, with a product that can be evaluated after only short use, and one that presents high quality. Remember that a good sampling plan is a key for minimising its costs. 

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