Is premium packaging for samples a better option than standard packaging?

This article will give you an insight into why and when it’s worth choosing premium sample packaging, especially when it comes to e-sampling.

Premium versus standard packaging?

Product packaging has a significant impact on consumer behaviour, as confirmed by a survey conducted by Ipsos, which found that for 72% of respondents, packaging plays an important role in their purchasing decisions and for 81%, it is crucial when buying gifts.  

Today, packaging is not only used to protect products from external factors, but also as a decorative element and, above all, as the first line of communication between the customer and the product. The packaging makes the first impression on the customer, so it is worth taking care of it. 

It is important for the packaging to be tailored to the product inside–it has to tell a story about it and catch the consumer’s eye. Tailored to the product–that is, reflective of the product, hence the distinction between premium and standard (basic) packaging. The product is responsible for deciding what packaging we should use. Different packaging will be used for a bottle of perfume and another for a kitchen scourer. In the first case, the packaging must be beautiful because we associate fragrance with beauty. However, in the case of the second product, the packaging is mainly intended to inform us about the product and somehow “do not interfere” with its use. We would rather not imagine a beautiful cardboard packaging with an embossed logo in the case of kitchen scourers. For perfumes, on the other hand, this type of packaging will be the most appropriate. Most importantly, the type of packaging we use determines the product inside.

What is e-sampling?

E-sampling campaigns are nothing more than sampling, where we use the internet and digital technology to distribute product samples. Nowadays, customers are definitely shopping online more often. We have to meet their needs and adapt our campaigns accordingly. 

E-sampling allows us to offer samples of our products or services through various electronic channels, such as

  • Websites;

  • Social media;

  • E-mails; 

  • Mobile applications.

The main objective of e-sampling campaigns is to reach a wide group of potential customers and give them the opportunity to try a product before they buy it. Customers can participate in e-sampling by expressing their interest in our samples themselves, which leads to the creation of a database of potential customers and information about their preferences.

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Differences between samples in premium and standard packaging.

The main differences between premium and basic packaging are:

  • The way they are made (artwork, design);

  • The types of materials used;

  • The finishing touch (refinement and additions) used;

  • Performance quality in every detail;

  • Packaging durability.

If we decide to sample a product, we should be aware that how we run our campaign, what product we distribute, how it is packaged and how it is delivered to customers will determine our results.

In the case of a high-end product, we already know that we will opt for premium packaging, but what will the sampling of such a product look like? It will certainly not be on a large scale, but to a narrow audience, i.e. the target group of our product. Obviously, and probably self-evidently, premium packaging is pricier than standard packaging. Large-scale sampling of such a product will also be too costly and unprofitable. The more so, a specific group of recipients is usually interested in such a product, and only they will come back to us for it.

The situation is different when sampling a cheaper product that is usually aimed at a wider audience, such as spices. Then the packaging of the product can be standardised, making it much cheaper, and the target group of the product itself is not specified enough to narrow down the audience. Mass-scale sampling has the potential to be profitable for us in this situation.

So, for an example, let’s reverse the situation and use premium packaging for spices and standard packaging for exclusive perfumes.

What happens when the target group of a great and well-known fashion designer receives his new perfume samples in packaging which is standard and cheap cardboard boxes? Will they be interested in a new product if its sampling was in such a package? Certainly not. This type of sampling will not be profitable and will result in more losses than gains (if any gains are to be made). Such actions can have a negative impact on the reputation of our brand as a whole, which can be very difficult to rebuild.

How about wrapping the spices in a box, tied with ribbon and varnished? Firstly, imagine sending such samples in bulk and how much that would cost us. Secondly, what will the customer think of our spice: Is it made of gold?, It must cost a fortune, How is this spice different from the standard ones? It is certain that packaged spice will not appeal to consumers, our sales will not rise, and our sampling costs will increase.

Whether premium sample packaging is better than standard depends on our marketing strategy and campaign objective. It is not always necessary to use premium packaging, but it can be an effective tool to attract attention, build our mindshare and deliver a positive customer experience. On the other hand, low-cost samples can be more effective in increasing the reach and interest.


Sampling in premium or standard packaging therefore has different purposes and effects. The choice of packaging for samples depends mainly on the product offered, but the position of our company in the market, our marketing strategy and the values we want to convey to our customers are also significant influences.

Are you in need of premium packaging that is in line with the quality of your products? Get in touch with us. At Burgopak Poland, we can take care of everything–from packaging design, production to breaking bulk and dispatch to the customer. For years, we have been providing packaging for high-end products, particularly for the beauty industry.


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