How to package luxury cosmetics to double sales results?

What to look out for when packing exclusive cosmetics? Find out what you can do to double your sales results in the beauty industry with packaging.

There is probably no industry in the world that has to take as much care packaging products than luxury cosmetics brands. Today, the bar in packaging is high and even cheap, low-quality cosmetics are packaged with attention to the smallest details. The race for the best packaging is worth every penny – the reward can be video reviews from customers proudly sharing their impressions and opinions on social media. And, as we all know, from there it is a very short way to instantly doubling, tripling or even quadrupling cosmetics sales.

What do you learn from this article?

  1. What is the importance of packaging in the luxury cosmetics industry?
  2. How to improve the experience of unboxing a cosmetic item?
  3. What packaging material creates a sense of luxury?
  4. Add samples of other cosmetics
  5. The most beautiful enhancements
  6. How do you reconcile an eco-friendly approach with luxury?

What is the importance of packaging in the luxury cosmetics industry?

Imagine a high-end cosmetic being sold in the same packaging as its much cheaper counterpart. Same standard cardboard packaging finish, same type of opening. It is not hard to guess that no matter how large the marketing efforts of a luxury product are, customers may still steer clear of it. They will simply find it hard to believe that the product is luxurious when nothing but the high price indicates it.

In fact, in the world of luxury brands, apart from high quality, nothing is more important than aesthetics. The packaging should be as elaborate as possible, because it is from the packaging that customers draw conclusions about the quality of the cosmetic inside. Elegant shapes, a pleasant feel and a refined material surface – these are what give a product its luxurious touch and distinguish exclusive cosmetics from mass-produced ones.

What can you do to enhance your customers’ sense of luxury and personalised cosmetic experience?

We have put together some solutions – check out how to package luxury cosmetics for better sales results.

How to improve the experience of unboxing a cosmetic item?

Let’s start at the beginning – unpacking. In every social media – from Instagram to YouTube – videos bearing the hashtag #unboxing are clearly gaining popularity. So the question is how do you fuel the thrill of having customers and influencers unbox your product?

Ensure easy opening

If the packaging is difficult to open and cannot be done without the use of a sharp tool, customers may at best feel annoyed and at worst injure themselves or damage the product inside. For this reason, it is advisable to get packaging with an easy-open function (e.g. magnetic) that is covered with adhesive paper tape – much easier to tear off than traditional tape.

What packaging material creates a sense of luxury?

Hard yet tactile cardboard material with a matt effect and embossed logo – a good solution if you want to create a sense of luxury among your customers. If you want to surprise them further, you can print the inside of the packaging. The centre can be lined with soft tissue paper to give the package an elegant and exclusive feel. This solution will also cushion and protect the product. A small but effective detail is also to add a sticker in your brand’s colour scheme, which you can use to seal the cosmetic packaging.

Add samples of other cosmetics

If you want to make the customer feel appreciated and special, a good way is to add samples of your brand’s other cosmetics. According to research cited by Forbes, cosmetics samples are the third biggest factor in purchasing full-size cosmetics. So it is certainly worth seizing the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – on the one hand to appreciate the customer and on the other to encourage further purchases.

Read more about how free samples affect cosmetics sales here: Does giving out cosmetics samples increase sales?

The most beautiful enhancements

There are many types of finishing with which you can coat your packaging. You can opt for 3D UV varnish, fluorescent, structured, glitter, pearl and even fragrance. You can also opt for soft-touch, matt, glossy, metallic, holographic or structured film. An embossed logo on the packaging also has a spectacular effect. The most important thing is that the packaging design matches the refinement to your brand personality – otherwise the effect can be counterproductive.

How do you reconcile an eco-friendly approach with luxury?

Sometimes luxury cosmetics are packaged in plastic packaging, which then pollutes the environment. Today’s customers do not want to lay their hands on a proliferation of rubbish – which is why it is important to bet on premium cardboard packaging . But sustainable packaging is not only about eco-friendly material, it is also about well-sized packaging, i.e. packaging that is not too big and not too small – perfectly fitting the size of the product. Incidentally, it is worth emphasising the importance of good packaging design .


High-quality luxury cosmetics should be accompanied by high-quality packaging. It will be partly responsible for the sense of luxury among clients and customers. Packaging and unboxing often play a key role in the purchase decision. And this is why – for luxury cosmetics brands, cutting back on packaging spending could prove to be a very disastrous strategy.

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