How does the process approach increase cosmetics sales?

In order to discuss the influence of a process approach on functioning of a company, it’s necessary to discuss what this approach actually is. Most managers have heard about the process approach. Many are even strongly convinced that this is the approach they use. Sometimes, however, these are only superficial actions. This is because working in a competitive market requires a process approach focused on the needs and expectations of the customer. Increasingly often, companies perceive their activity through its inside processes and abandon the perspective of a structure that consists of separate organisational units, typical of the traditional management style.

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  • What’s the ISO 9001 standard?
  • How does the process approach impact production quality?
  • What are the advantages of using PDCA in sales?
  • What’s the forecast demand for premium products?
  • How to eliminate errors in a supply chain?

ISO 9001 Standard

The development of process management has been largely due to quality management systems, especially the ISO 9001 standard, which makes it clear that processes must be defined, managed and interconnections between them must be identified. It’s thanks to the ISO certification that many companies reached a higher level of organisation and management. We can confirm it by our own example. Burgopak Poland validated its management model based on quality (in the field of premium packaging production and packaging services) with the ISO 9001 certificate awarded in August 2017.

What’s the process approach?

The process approach is an approach according to which in every organisation there are intertwined, intermingling processes that engage many people. All of the company’s actions are then understood as a cohesive system and the company’s performance becomes not only easier to predict, but above all attainable. An effectively introduced process approach makes the members of the organisation understand that the process begins with customer’s requirements and ends with their fulfilment.

Why is it important to use the process approach in manufacturing?

Data analysis has a direct influence on the improvement of production quality and financial results thus generated. It allows you to find the company’s weak points and improve them.

What’s the role of PDCA in sales?

PDCA is an anagram based on the English words: Plan, Do, Check, Act. It’s one of the tools that illustrates a pattern of continuous improvement. Otherwise known as the Deming cycle, once in place it makes members of an organisation see the relationship between a change and a better result. PDCA encourages the team to look for ideas and assists managers in their implementation. It’s an early warning system that allows you to respond faster than your competition.

How to implement effective sales management?

  1. Define customers’ path to purchase;
  2. Build the sales process on customers’ decisions and actions;
  3. Set KPIs: quantitative, qualitative and result;
  4. Select KPIs for PDCA;
  5. Systematically implement development actions.

Demand for premium products

The global premium products market (including cosmetics) will grow to a value of 480 billion euros by the end of 2030. According to the latest report by consultancy Bain & Company, the value of the global personal luxury goods market, which includes beauty products in the Prestige category, will grow by 22% this year and will continue to increase in the years to come.

Premium products packaging and the importance of samples for sales increase

Take care of the packaging of your products and increase your share of this huge market with Burgopak Poland. Below, we present the results of a research conducted by Neurolab ASM Research for Burgopak Poland in September 2022.

  • 73.4 % of women declare that the packaging of cosmetic products has influence on their selection;
  • The appearance of the packaging may impact the perception of the product inside as stated by 78.8% of women;
  • 82.2% of women declare that interesting product packaging encourages them to buy it;
  • 92% of respondents indicate that samples are useful when shopping.

Process approach as a chance to eliminate errors in supply chains

The increased demand for luxury goods poses huge supply chain challenges for luxury brands. It becomes necessary to introduce a quality management system in production companies and streamline processes related to logistics, stock management, product availability, speed of delivery and communication with consumers.

Burgopak Poland offers great added value for the cosmetic sector in the form of consumer requirements analysis, which is indispensable in the process approach. The starting elements of the collaboration process with us are the guarantee of designing, producing and delivering packaging worthy of the premium sector.


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