How does Polish packaging production compare with European production?

Polish production is an undisputed leader in many fields. Polish entrepreneurs produce designer furniture, luxury yachts, modern buses and even world-class computer games. We also specialise in electronics manufacturing (mainly household appliances). For the last 7 years, Polish production has grown by 50% as shown by economic indicators for Germany, Russia, South Korea, the UK, Japan and Poland published by The Economist.  In recent years, our European cosmetics market share has also increased. According to the Ministry of State Treasury, Poland is the sixth largest exporter of cosmetics in Europe. As you can see, the list of products Poland is famous for includes more than just Polish apples.

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  3. How does Polish packaging production compare with European production?
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The cosmetics industry is growing strong

The domestic production of cosmetics ranks 6th in the European Union, as we present a level of production to be envied by foreign concerns. The Polish market is worth 4.3 billion euros (544 billion euros world-wide). According to Lidia Lukowska, Director of Communications and Organisation Development of the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry, ‘every other Polish cosmetic product is for export’. At the international trade fair Slavic B2Beauty, the statement ‘Polish cosmetics industry is growing strong’ resonated deeply. It’s because Poland offers a complementary range of services, including laboratories, packaging manufacturers and raw material distributors.

In 2022, Polish cosmetics manufacturers suffered considerable losses in exports to eastern markets

According to the report by the Department of Sector Analysis of PKO BP, ‘the first half of 2022 has seen clear declines in export sales, which are mainly due to the loss of eastern markets’. In the first quarter of 2022, the main export destinations were European countries. Germany’s been the largest customer for years, with 21.2% of Polish cosmetics exports going to Germany. 22.7% of Poland’s cosmetics exports went to the UK, Czech Republic and Belgium. The cosmetics industry has faced the challenge of finding new markets.

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The packaging industry is one of the most dynamically developing industries in the world

Polish companies are among the most rapidly growing in Europe. The domestic packaging industry is equipped with modern means of production, and the offer of Polish manufacturers sets European trends increasingly often. Poland is the 5th biggest producer of packaging in the EU. The demand for packaging increases along with the economic development. The bigger the economy, the higher the demand for packaging. Therefore, the statistics shouldn’t be that surprising: the largest EU countries generate the production of as much as 80% of European packaging. The biggest exporter is Germany, the next leader is Italy, the third place goes to France and the remaining powerhouses are Spain and Poland. Interestingly, however, in the last 20 years, it’s Poland that has seen the highest number of new packaging companies in the EU (source: Eurostat). It’s the best confirmation that the industry’s in good shape. Poland’s export share increased from 6% in 2010 to 10% in 2020.

The important role of the SME sector in the packaging industry

Small and medium entreprises generate around 45% of profits in the key segments of the industry, i.e. paper, cardboard and plastics, thus surpassing the other sectors of the industry. Thanks to their flexibility, they’re able to adjust the pricing and their product to smaller customers. The marketed value of the packaging industry may exceed PLN 60 billion this year, as shown by Santander Bank Polska in its April 2022 report: ‘Packaging Industry in 2022. Condition, Prospects and the Impact of War’. The packaging industry employs around 250 thousand people. These include designers, research institutes and laboratories employees, distributors and workers directly involved in packaging services.

Awareness of the Upcoming Changes

The packaging industry is directly linked to all the areas of the economy, so it must take into account numerous trends. It’s one of the challenges currently faced by the companies from this industry. The best companies on the market invest not only in ecological research, but also in neuromarketing. What also turns out to be crucial in building competitive advantage is the knowledge of the cosmetics sector and constant monitoring of market developments. If you’re looking for a solid and innovative company for packaging production, contact Burgopak Poland.

The Green Order effects

Environmental regulations are a huge threat to some of the Polish packaging companies. The producers which haven’t yet been active in the area of recycling or at least ecodesign have been left behind. For Burgopak Poland, however, it’s been the main area of development for years. We’re among the top Polish producers and are still looking for solutions that will optimise the amount of manufacturing waste and material reusability. We contribute to the creation of the ‘green world’ through sustainable development, by using in our production only natural components and eco-safe raw materials. When choosing a packaging supplier, remember that pro-environmental attitude of customers has considerably increased.

Competitive advantages of Polish companies in the packaging sector

What values can the Polish market offer European companies? Above all, competitive prices, quality and short production lead times. Only China can offer more attractive prices, but it’s not able to guarantee the European quality and fast shipping. Burgopak Poland can often guarantee the delivery of finished products even within 24 h. Additionally, every product undergoes quality checks at every production stage.

What should the packaging be like to increase cosmetics sales?

With the continuous development of the economy and social awareness, we have to remember about the most important aspects. The packaging needs to fulfil its basic protective function, while also being visually attractive, simple and eco-friendly.
Trust the scientific achievements and possibilities of neuromarketing.

In Burgopak Poland, we design and produce packaging for samples that stands out from the competition. We also provide product packaging and shipment services. If you’re looking for ways to increase your sales, contact us. During a brief consultation, we’ll assess your needs and prepare a free price quotation.

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