Discovery Sets: A new way to boost perfume sales!

Many consumers have shifted their shopping habits online, buying food, clothing, and cosmetics. While they have their preferences, they are open to new experiences. However, purchasing unfamiliar cosmetics or perfumes online can be risky, especially if you can’t smell them first. In traditional stores, online shopping, or during promotions in malls, customers often receive free perfume samples, but these don’t always meet their expectations. This poses a challenge for both consumers and us as a brand. The solution might be Discovery Sets with samples that minimize this risk. In this article, we will explain how, as a cosmetic brand, we can leverage the potential of Discovery Sets and the benefits they bring. 

What are Discovery Sets?

Typically, Discovery Sets are collections of several mini products from a brand packaged together. These sets allow consumers to try different scents of perfumes, creams, lotions, or other cosmetic products in smaller sizes before committing to a full-sized purchase. Discovery Sets are particularly popular among perfume brands because fragrances are very personal choices, and perceptions can vary greatly from person to person. This way, consumers can test various scents at home, without pressure and haste, and find the ones they like best. 

Benefits of Discovery Sets: 

  1. Increasing brand awareness: By offering samples of different fragrances, we can reach a broader audience. Discovery Sets allow new users to easily familiarize themselves with our products, which can enhance brand recognition and reputation, and show that we care about customer convenience by providing more for less.
  1. Facilitating product access: Sample sets enable consumers to try many scents without purchasing full-sized bottles, which are usually more expensive. This allows them to experiment comfortably, lowering the entry barrier for new users. Additionally, they can recommend other scents to friends, potentially leading to more sales through word-of-mouth marketing. 
  1. Boosting sales: Discovery Sets can generate income on their own, though their primary function is to encourage future full-sized product purchases. If a customer finds a scent they love in a Discovery Set, they are more likely to buy the larger version. There is also a noticeable increase in interest in subscription boxes, where consumers enjoy testing and experiencing various products. 
  1. Building customer loyalty: By allowing customers to try different products, we increase the chances of them finding “the one” fragrance, leading to long-term loyalty to our brand. 
  1. Reducing customer dissatisfaction: Trying a product before buying a full-sized version minimizes the risk of dissatisfaction and returns. Perfume users feel more confident in their choices, leading to higher purchase satisfaction. 
  1. Attractive gift option: Sample sets are often seen as elegant and thoughtful gifts, especially during holidays. They offer an appealing option for those seeking unique and luxurious presents. 


We believe that Discovery Sets are an excellent sales solution for the perfume industry and other cosmetic producers. They not only increase brand awareness, facilitate product access, and encourage subsequent full-sized purchases but also build customer loyalty and reduce dissatisfaction. These sets allow for an in-depth analysis of customer preferences, influencing future product and marketing decisions. Additionally, as an attractive gift option, they significantly enhance our offer during holiday and promotional periods. 

A report by Sampling Effectiveness Advisors states that 73% of consumers are likely to buy a product after testing it. Therefore, Discovery Sets should be a fundamental part of our strategy, bringing numerous benefits to both consumers and us, the producers. 

It’s also worth noting the importance of packaging, which plays a crucial role in the perception of Discovery Sets. Elegant and thoughtful packaging not only protects and presents samples attractively but also enhances the perceived value of the product, influencing consumer purchase decisions. Premium packaging can further strengthen our brand image as luxurious and prestigious, attracting more demanding customers seeking exclusivity. 

So, investing in the quality and design of Discovery Set packaging is as important as the selection of scents themselves, creating a cohesive and attractive offer that can significantly contribute to the success of our perfume brand. 

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