We perform tasks that require the gathering together of highly complex and complicated sets. We assemble products comprising several to even hundreds of elements, often in several product versions and a few dozen language versions. Each product is thoroughly inspected to ensure its compliance with the specifications, and each stage of manufacturing is reported to facilitate verification at a later time.

We also deal with packaging and co-packing. We have experience in inserting products, completing sets consisting of up to several dozen elements, as well as in repacking elements and labeling collective packaging. The final stage of co-packing is preparation for shipment, which guarantees safe transport. We deal with comprehensive, safe and careful packaging of goods, within which we can apply bands, wrappers, foil individual pieces and sets, as well as place bar codes or stickers and labels to help identify goods.

We can help you with:

  • co-packing
  • repackaging
  • labelling
  • preparing for shipment
  • marking the goods
  • insertion
  • quality control of products and semi-finished products
  • completing promotional sets
  • shipping according to the distribution list
  • preparation of samples
  • assembling semi-finished products
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