Advent calendar with cosmetics as a form of product promotion

An advent calendar is a very effective way to present your brand to consumers during the period of increased consumerism, which is the period around Christmas. What are the benefits of this type of promotion? Check what we must remember when undertaking a project for an advent calendar. 

Advent calendars have gained popularity thanks to social media. Influencers have been flooding us with presentations of such products from top brands for several years. As it turns out, this is a great form of brand promotion. Not only because of the cooperation with famous people, but also because of the form itself. From the article you will learn why this happens, but also how to create a top calendar for the advent period. 

Why an advent calendar is a good marketing element

Advent calendars contain miniature versions and sometimes full-size products of a given company. The price is very favorable for the customer, because buying all these things separately, he would pay much more. This is a great opportunity to test branded products. Very often these are very expensive things, so before making a major investment, it is a great opportunity to check whether buying them is really a good idea. In addition, you can check the quality of the brand in a broader aspect, because the advent calendar consists of 24 windows. 

The advent calendar also creates brand loyalty. Every day opening the windows and interacting with the products of a given company gives you the opportunity to get to know a wide range of assortment. In addition, some of them are used for a certain period – it all depends on what products are in the calendar. This means that we will use the company’s products for a much longer period than 24 days. 

Another very important aspect is to include really top products in the calendar, so that their quality will bring the customer to the manufacturer’s headquarters for more. This self-presentation of the brand brings many leading companies benefits in the form of increased interest after the holiday season. Christmas calendars are also a great idea for a gift, which further expands the range of promotional opportunities. Presenting the calendar as a premium gift will surely attract many interested parties.

And the last important point is the packaging. A properly designed calendar with an attractive design can attract many more people willing to buy it, compared to competing classic design solutions. So, how to surprise and attract a customer?

Burgopak Poland – packaging design 

We, as representatives of Burgopak, would like to present our wide range of packaging. We serve many top brands. We offer comprehensive services related to the design and production of packaging, packaging, storage and transport. During the implementation of the project, we use patented solutions. Packaging design is 100% tailored to the client’s budget. In the production process, we combine modern solutions, but also manual work. That is why we carry out the most complex orders, where sometimes the power of new technologies is often powerless. Just designing and producing calendar packaging is not the end. We store products to be placed in the calendar. The advantage is also free storage of goods. 

Our packaging is unique and attracts the customer’s attention. Their innovative design is highly attractive in the eyes of the consumer. Packaging materials are produced in Europe. They have certificates that confirm their highest quality. 

At Burgopak Poland, we work as a team to create a difference on the packaging market. We believe that advent calendars will allow our partners to become even more visible in the minds of their customers. We make sure that the quality and precision are confirmed in the products we deliver. We play with the client to one goal, so every day we try to make our solutions have a positive impact on increasing the sales of our clients.  

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