About us

Quality is the foundation on which we have been building our company since 2007. We strongly believe that it answers every question. Quality begins from ourselves and the relationship between our team and it translates into the products we deliver.

Production is the core of our company. We have always strived to make it modern, efficient and ecological. The production team consists of experienced employees who specialize in complex manual work requiring high precision. Our activities are also focused on the improvement and development of automatic processes so as to be able to increase efficiency and offer optimal solutions while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Purells Innovative operating under Burgopak Poland brand is primarily people who build and develop the company. Our team is our greatest asset. We focus on diversity, unconventionality and innovation, because we believe that this is the only way we can stay ahead of the changing market. We are located in Central Europe and thanks to a global approach we are able to implement global trends in our projects. Our inspiration is the constantly changing world around us. Change is with us all the time, that’s why in 2021 we became part of the great Burgopak family. We are Burgopak Poland now and we believe in better packaging.


To be No. 1 in quality on the global market!


We focus on the quality of products and services that are constantly improving in every area of our lives.


We create a good team, in which everyone feels safe and responsible for the development and success of the company.


We strive for sustainable development by promoting egological awareness and care for the immediate environment.


We build and maintain long-term partnerships with Clients and Suppliers, supporting the local market but acting globally.


We want to be the market leader in premium packaging. Who sets trends and introduces innovative solutions.


Joy and smile are the foundations that allow us to fulfill our vision and mission.



We believe that our ability to achieve goals depends on some key values assumed by every one of us. Our conduct is fair and ethical. We treat each other with respect and dignity. We consider our employees to be our greatest asset. We respect the self-esteem of other people in their professional and private lives. We keep our word. We respect diversity relating to gender, religion, and background.
When choosing suppliers around the world, we pay attention to ensure that they respect labour laws, do not use an underage workforce, and act according to the law. We are open and honest towards our Customers and suppliers. We respect intellectual property rights. We apply a strict policy on obtaining and managing confidential information, in order to ensure that our Customers feel safe. Burgopak Poland conducts business in a safe and ethical manner to satisfy each process participant, thus improving the quality of our service.

Customer focus
The Customer is always at the centre of everything we do

Each employee is our most valuable strength

Our belief that other people are good, in their reliability and appropriate conduct

We treat each other with respect and care, we value diversity

We respect the dignity and self-esteem of other people

Our conduct is fair and ethical

Human Capital

Investment in human capital is a strategic investment by the company; therefore, employees are our greatest strength at Burgopak Poland – the quality of our human capital translates directly to our ability to meet the expectations of our Customers. We rely on human ambition, creativity, knowledge, skills and experience.
We are an integrated and creative team of people who pursue common goals. We respect the individuality of every one of us and our opinions, because we know that thanks to this we can come up with the best ideas and most interesting concepts. We believe in the importance of communication – both with each other and with our Customers. Our relations are open – we trust each other and act with integrity. We are fully committed to our work in order to achieve the goals we set.


We take full responsibility for the products and services that we deliver. We believe that problems are there to be solved. We know what we do and we prepare ourselves for each task. We do our work diligently, in order for our Customers to achieve the best results and reach their goals.
We demand a lot from ourselves, in order to achieve our objectives most effectively. We fulfill our obligations. We also take responsibility for the results of the work of our team. We have an open policy towards our Contractors, Suppliers, Customers, and business partners. Thanks to this, we build mutual trust and create business relations at the highest level.


We expect the best from our people. We set high standards for the excellence of the products that we make, and the services that we provide.
Thanks to the continuous development of our employees via different courses and training sessions, we are able to achieve our objectives and those of our Customers. We place great emphasis on employee development; therefore, investing in people and their expertise is incredibly important to us.
Our employees attend language courses because we believe in even better communication with the world. We take part in international fairs in order to continuously monitor trends in world markets and introduce changes in our company.

Innovation and science

Increasingly rapid changes in world markets motivate us to look for new ideas, thanks to which we avoid treading water, but keep pushing forward to always remain one step ahead of our competitors. Our shared success is based on the creation of pioneering products and services. We try to make each product interesting, innovative, and above all – of the highest quality.
The modern market means not only innovation, but also change. In our products, we combine both; therefore, we achieve unparalleled results. We follow industry innovations, implementing them in our products, thus providing the most effective marketing tool.
We use all available resources and support to learn, develop, and use new skills. We do not stand still, but keep going forward.

Health and safety

Our employees are the greatest asset at our company, and their safety is always our priority in whatever we do. We shape and develop our safety culture and implement new standards, focusing on preventive measures – we do everything to create a safe working environment. We place a strong emphasis on OHS training and the appropriate preparation of employees, in order to avoid accidents. We take measures to continually improve safety and work ergonomics. We have one common goal: zero accidents.